The Growth Cast - Digital Transformation, Renewal Automation, and the Infinite Enterprise


Welcome back to "The Growth Cast" and to our final episode of the year and maybe our most important one yet. On this episode, we talk all things digital transformation, renewal automation, customer experience and customer success. Yes, before you ask, we love buzzwords. Seriously though, these words are more than that, they are the key factors in the fundamental change currently happening in the eCommerce and digital goods space. 

In light of that, we invited our friend Rob Rosa, Vice President, Global Service Sales at Extreme Networks. From our point of view, Rob really hits it out of the park on this episode (more baseball references to come). For instance, he tells us about how he managed to combine his passion for baseball with his day job, while helping Major League Baseball kit out Fenway Park with a state-of-the-art wireless experience.

We don’t just talk buzzwords and baseball however, there is more substance to it, we get into the details of leading digital transformation in an enterprise setting. Specifically, we focus on a number of issues that organizations like Extreme Networks and our clients deal with during digital transformation, these include:  

  • The shift from physical goods and perpetual licenses to digital goods and renewal or subscription-based environments  
  • The shift in mindset required to recognize that customer experience is just as valuable, if not more important, than the technology provided –  and recognizing other changing patterns in B2B buying behavior.  
  • Channel partner management in times of transition; how to help them thrive in the new context.
  • Managing the wider change management process associated with large digital transformation projects, including involving key stakeholders at an early stage to alleviate any potential concerns which they may have

Lastly, Rob gives us his top tips for those looking to - or embarking on - a similar journey to that of Extreme Networks while discussing the value of diversity in thought, perspective and culture within an organization, and his policy on "no bad ideas."  

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Nick & Todd

P.S. If you are interested in a more detailed and technical perspective our colleague Doug Caviness interviewed Rob for his “Talking B2B” series last year.