Customer Service

We are a diverse global team with many different languages, experiences, and perspectives. We think this helps us create the most innovative products and solve the most challenging problems.




“The benefits and potential I saw (and felt) from cleverbridge were positively persuasive because of the people I interacted with during my interview process – they exuded warmth.

cleverbridge is a very special place – a high-tech atmosphere with a human touch. I could see myself thriving here long term… Eight-plus years later, I think I can say I made the right decision.”

Bernard Aguirre, Customer Service Quality Analyst

Simply put, we respect one another.

We recognize everyone’s time and effort. We treat our colleagues, clients and customers with courtesy. When interacting and collaborating, we give the other person the opportunity to excel at their work by providing the support that they need and trusting them to make informed decisions. By acting with respect, we’re able to learn from one another and uncover the unique value that each of us brings to cleverbridge.

We foster supportive relationships.

Ask nearly any employee what their favorite thing about cleverbridge is and you’ll wholeheartedly hear, “the people.” Both in a professional and personal capacity, we offer help and bring out the best in one another. We nurture a diverse and inclusive community where we’re encouraged to be our authentic selves. This gives us the opportunity to form relationships that are unusually fun, stimulating, challenging and rewarding.

We own our responsibilities and meet our commitments.

At our core, we’re powered by clever, collaborative people who share the same goals – and the same passion for reaching them. We take pride in delivering quality work in a timely fashion. As a result, we hold ourselves and each other to high standards of accountability, integrity and willingness to go the extra mile to provide the very best solutions for our clients and customers.

We communicate accurate, timely and relevant information.

Important issues and changes within the organization are delivered on a high level, and nitty-gritty details are proactively relayed to anyone impacted by them. When communicating with one another, we’re attentive and open to feedback. Sure, we don’t always agree – but our discussions, however difficult, remain respectful and productive.

We believe in being great – and then getting even better.

The pursuit of effectiveness, efficiency and excellence drives what we do, how we do it and the goals that we set. We respond to change quickly and try not to get too set in our ways. We know that mixing things up when you’re comfortable takes bravery, so we encourage one another to keep improving, even if it means taking calculated risks. We embrace honest mistakes – and look for the lessons.


Ability to work remotely and with flexible hours (varies by role and team)


Wellness challenges, gym reimbursement, and top-tier benefits to enable self-care


Modern offices in the heart of both Cologne and Chicago

Team spirit

Fully equipped kitchens, focus rooms, outdoor spaces and other amenities in both locations

Traditional payments

Cash bonuses for referral candidates hired by cleverbridge


Wear what you want to do your best work