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Hi, we’re cleverbridge, your trusted eCommerce partner, and we’ve got news for you!

After recently announcing our partnership with EMH Partners, we are here to complement their investment and confidence in us with a new brand identity and website. 

So, what does this mean to you? We’ve always had one of the worlds’ leading eCommerce platforms, processing more than 1.5 million transactions per month - but the dots and pink are new. Yet, this isn’t just a fresh coat of paint. It is part of a wider transformation in how we support our clients to keep them growing.closer to their customers— always with our eye on the ball, optimizing client experience, and ensuring we meet growth targets. 

A new brand. Meaningfully. 
So, what’s with the dots? Well, it’s more than meets the eye.  

We bring the dots together in our new logo to show three things: 

  • We’re bringing our clients closer to us as part of our collaborative approach. 
  • At the same time, we’re bringing brands and their customers closer together by enabling frictionless eCommerce. 
  • And finally, we’re helping our clients get closer to their goals and achieve effortless growth. 

Most importantly, the dots are a lot like our incredible clients. They can connect things and people, they can transform, they’re individual, and they’re flexible. They’re unique in their own right. 

And the pink? Well, why not? Pink is different, vibrant and joyful. It’s a lot like how we approach eCommerce—and how our clients feel when they start experiencing frictionless sales and growth through our platform. (Plus, pink looks great with orange, which we are keeping!) While we are changing some of the things we do, we are staying true to our roots and core beliefs (and love of orange). 

While we’re busy connecting the dots, our platform is connecting brands to higher conversion rates, reduced churn, and the ability to scale globally. And it’s only getting better. Behind our rebrand is significant new investment in our platform, technology and people.  

Our platform - and your success - is growing. Rapidly. 

We’ve always focused on supporting our clients and helping them grow, whether that’s growing their business, their relationships, their ideas, or growing closer to their customers. 

The relationship between our clients and their customers will only get stronger with cleverbridge as the connecting dot. That’s because EMH, our new partner and shareholder, is giving us momentum to help our clients grow in exciting new ways. 

We could tell you all about that, but Dominik Schwarz, Partner at EMH, probably says it best... “There’s a lot of excitement in our office and at cleverbridge about the new brand. It perfectly reflects cleverbridge’s DNA of growth-led client centricity and is yet another sign of the ability to take clients—and their customers—to brand new heights!”  

You can also tune in to our new podcast tomorrow, launching with Dominik and cleverbridge CEO and Co-Founder Craig Vodnik as the first guests.  

Ready to grow beyond boundaries? 
See how we’re helping brands like yours connect the dots and find eCommerce success on our new website. 

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