Cleverbridge’s Integration with Snowflake Continues Commitment to Enhanced Data for Clients


Nearly real-time data delivered from Cleverbridge to Snowflake empowers enterprises to grow revenue faster while improving and monetizing customer relationships. 

CHICAGO/COLOGNE, October 19, 2022–Cleverbridge, the B2B CLV growth company, launches a new integration with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, as a continued commitment to enhanced data for clients. Snowflake Data Sharing by Cleverbridge brings together the power and data from both Cleverbridge and Snowflake to provide the metrics necessary to improve customer relationships and grow revenue faster. This new integration removes the need for a large team of engineers to pull and analyze data.  

Improve your business decisions by combining data from Cleverbridge and other systems like your CRM, marketing automation system, ERP, and more to create the most complete view of the customer journey.  

This integration is led by Cleverbridge’s new Chief Data Officer, Jakub “Kuba” Staniszewski.  Staniszewski said, "Snowflake Data Sharing is a foundation to deliver insights to help our clients maximize their customer lifetime value. I am excited about unlocking the value of 17 years of Cleverbridge data, building next-generation analytics and AI products, and accelerating revenue growth.” 

By combining the power of Cleverbridge and Snowflake, Snowflake Data Sharing empowers clients to increase revenue in their existing customer base, grow without adding headcount, and reduce their risk and complexity–ultimately reducing churn while growing revenue faster. 

About Cleverbridge 

Cleverbridge makes digital sales and subscription renewals easy by providing an end-to-end orchestration of the digital customer journey from checkout through to retention and uplift marketing to automated renewals for B2B & B2C alike.