cleverbridge Halts Operations in Russia and Belarus

We, like many others, have been extremely troubled as events unfold in Ukraine. At cleverbridge, we strongly condemn all forms of violence and hope for a quick and peaceful resolution of this conflict.

The current situation and the resulting sanctions on Russia and Belarus are severely impacting cleverbridge’s ability to do business in this region.  

As a result - while managing the situation as best we can for our clients - we will cease our business activities in Russia and Belarus with immediate effect. All affected clients have been notified and are being supported where appropriate.  

The events of the last two weeks hit close to our hearts, as one of our valued partners is headquartered in Ukraine. They have, despite the enormous challenges they face, continued to deliver work that supports our overall business. We honor and admire their strength in the face of adversity.

Our executive team and employees have mobilized to support our Ukrainian partner through individual donations and additional support in every way we can —including many of our employees offering space in their own homes for anyone able to get to Germany. The humanity shown by both our partner and our employees reminds us yet again of what we’ve always known to be true: that businesses are made up of people, and those people largely want to do what is good and right, including supporting one another through the most difficult challenges.   

We will continue to monitor the situation and work alongside all of our clients, customers and partners to keep on making the best decisions we can, given the fluidity of the situation. Our top priority remains to provide stellar service to the clients and customers who depend upon us. Where appropriate, we will inform our clients of any further measures.

To say that these are challenging times is an understatement. Here at cleverbridge, “growing.closer” is more than just a tagline—it’s how we support our clients, customers, partners and employees in the best and the worst of times. We wish you peace and understanding as we continue to navigate these uncharted waters together. 

View the press release here.