cleverbridge Employees Volunteer to Support Ukrainians in Chicagoland

On Friday, May 20, cleverbridge employees volunteered for the Support Ukrainians in Chicagoland initiative. The initiative runs a free community closet for refugee families from Ukraine. They collect, organize, and distribute donations to support Ukrainians who have arrived in the greater Chicagoland area.

The organization operates out of a large storefront located in Riverwoods, a suburb north of Chicago. They set up a store-like facility, where people can “shop” for things they need free of charge.

In the early morning hours, the cleverbridge team headed out to Riverwoods to volunteer their time helping the organization inspect items for quality and organize donations. They also brought all of the items collected by cleverbridge employees, which included hygiene products, home goods, clothing and more.

While organizing and arranging donations, the team got the chance to meet refugees from Ukraine who have relocated to the Chicago area. This initiative has helped them start their new lives by providing furniture, clothes, household items – and a sense of community.

“I am so happy we were able to help this incredible organization,” said cleverbridge Director of People Esther Contreras. “I appreciate the time cleverbridge provides for us to make a difference in our communities.”

cleverbridge employees get 16 hours of annual civic volunteer time, which they can use for civic service, activism, or to volunteer. Employees can also use civic time to exercise their right to vote.

Looking to help? You can donate directly via the organization’s Amazon Wish List, which is updated daily. You can also check their Facebook page for current requests and contact information.