Ready-to-use Automation Journeys for Recurring Revenue Growth

CleverAutomations leverages ready-to-use automation journeys and self-service transactions to retain and expand customer base revenue
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Set up your first automation

Increase productivity and scale customer engagement with generative AI

Leverage AI to automate engagement strategies and free up resources for more complex or strategic tasks

Set up your first automation
  • Engaging B2B buyers regularly reduces customer attrition by 63%  (Gallup )​

  • 88% of buyers say it’s important that the software they purchase has AI functionality (G2 )

Upcoming Renewal Notification

Drive renewals and upsells with AI-generated emails, personalized to your brand

Customize email copy and extract elements such as visual branding, pricing, tone of voice, and product benefits from a single URL

Upcoming Renewal Notification
  • Automations contain built-in best practices from 18+ years of eCommerce experience

  • Average customer to CSM ratio of 124:1 for low-touch accounts in 2022 (TSIA)

Renewal Series

Localize all communication and continuously optimize messaging performance

Continually test and refine messaging performance with A/B testing to drive better business outcomes

Renewal Series
  • With just one click, localize your automation in 30 languages without having to manage dozens of templates 

  • Services offered in 240+ global markets or 190+ countries

Tenable checkout-1

Empower your customers to self-serve with frictionless checkouts

Increase conversions and give customers the flexibility to transact however they prefer with:​

  • 50+ payment methods
  • 55+ transaction currencies​
  • 30 checkout languages​
  • 248 countries & territories supported
Tenable checkout-1
  • 83% of B2B buyers say they prefer a “rep free” buying experience (Gartner)

Revenue growth on autopilot.

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