Conversion rate optimization for SaaS & digital products

We analyze your customer journey to identify opportunities to: increase conversion rates, reduce churn, and optimize average order value. 

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Our approach to conversion rate optimization for digital products

We measure the key performance indicators most important to your business, including:

Conversion Rate

Utilize a state-of-the-art user experience that increases conversion rates globally.

Average Order Value 

Identify the best upsell opportunities for your portfolio by testing various recommendations and promotions.

Earnings Per Visitor 

Maximize your online traffic and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Customer Retention Rate 

Testing different cancellation surveys and customer retention promotions to reduce voluntary churn.

Customer Satisfaction

Sending surveys and solutions to eliminate any obstacles in the user experience.

Continuous Analysis

Using analytic tools to gain insights into user behavior and then testing new ideas through business optimization.


Creating a true partnership through our engagement model – beyond just the checkout cart.

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Compliance driven


Markets available


Partnership models


Monthly transactions

Our process for eCommerce conversion rate optimization 

Research & Analysis

We use our in-house business intelligence tool to do an in-depth analysis and unlock data-driven opportunities.


User Engagement
We use session recordings to observe the behavior of each individual customer and follow their customer journey on your website.

See where users click and hover

Collect Feedback
Streamline customer communication with exit intent and cancelation surveys 

Hypothesis & Prioritization

Quarterly planning based on priority backed by comprehensive status updates and total ownership over execution.

A/B Testing

We use our in-house multi-variant testing tool to:


  • Effortlessly run tests
  • Access fully integrated reporting metrics
  • Split traffic insights by country, language, and device
  • Establish various traffic routing
  • Find champion 
Reporting & Insights

We send regular updates of all running tests, including the following KPIs:


  • Visits, Total Order Numbers, Conversion Rate
  • Conversion Rate Uplift, Confidence Level, Revenue per Variation
  • Revenue per Variation Uplift, Earnings per Visitor
Test in Cycles & Reiterate

The key to successful CRO testing cycles is to use data-driven insights to inform decisions and continuously refine the testing process. We systematically test changes to a website or landing page to identify the most effective elements for increasing conversions. The testing process involves creating variations of the page or website, such as changing the layout, copy, or images, and then tracking the performance of each variation to determine which one results in the highest conversion rate and improve your bottom line.

eCommerce conversion rate optimization services throughout the customer lifecycle

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Increase conversion rates & gain more customers with Express Checkout.

Wallet Payment Options 
The global wallet payment market size will set a record of $6.7 trillion by 2023. With a share of Europe at $1 trillion.

Digital/mobile wallets set to be the online payment method of choice by 2023 with 52 percent market share.

Authority Badges & Social Proof
Add external reviews from authority sites to your webpage or checkout to prove your trustworthiness.

Value Bar 
Highlight the benefits briefly right before the purchase to reassure the customer is making a good choice.

Incentive Text
The incentive text reaffirms that the customer is on the right track and made the right decision by highlighting the customer benefit.

In-App Purchase 
Capture the customer while they are using the application. Direct purchase channel within the application without the need to open to a browser. Shorter and more intuitive user flows provide the best change to convert trial users. 

Cart Abandonment

Wait Don’t Leave Layer - Cart Abandonment Solution - Phase 1

  • People tend to hesitate with their buying decision
  • Offering a discount in a WDL layer motivates them to finish their purchase

Email Campaigns - Cart Abandonment Solution - Phase 2

  • Targeting non-purchasing users
  • Worldwide available (Europe Consent Form)
  • Tracked through Performance Marketing Platform
  • Emails sent through the Cleverbridge ESP
  • Email designs & content together with client

Trial Experience

  • Compliant trial checkout experience.
  • Payment information is stored and the customer is automatically billed after 7, 14 or 30 days.
  • Credit Card Pre-Authorization to reduce fraud

B2B Checkout

  • Net pricing
  • Quote process
  • Company address
  • Automated tax id validation
    and exemption process
  • Optional billing/licensee addresses
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Retention & Uplift Marketing to Maximize Growth-01


Reduce your voluntary churn rates to maximize recurring revenue.

Cancellation Survey 

  • Flexible survey solution
  • Capture live market feedback and valuable insights
  • Improve your product
  • Customers can still cancel at any time
  • Get your product team closer to the market
  • Align your product and marketing strategy long term
  • Reduce churn rate and increase CLV
Retention & Uplift Marketing to Maximize Growth-01
CLV Growth


Optimize for higher average order value. 

Upsells tend to work much better than cross-sells since the customer is already committed to the product. 

Upsell to more devices, to a longer subscription period, to more cloud storage, etc.

Plan Selector 
Offer the user a transparent way to compare plans and billing options to increase the average customer lifetime cycle and order value

Product Selector 
Help customers compare product versions by highlighting included features and functionality.

Post Purchase Offers
After the purchase is a great opportunity to cross-sell the customer additional products.

  • Increases AOV and cannot hurt conversion rate since the purchase is completed.
  • Easy customer flow – customer clicks on “add” and gets redirected to the checkout.
CLV Growth

Increase your conversion rates and start getting more customers.

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