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Tapping our expertise in e-commerce and AI, Cleverbridge's customer success software orchestrates and automates subscriptions and payments across the customer journey while minimizing administrative tasks to drive cost efficiencies.

Cleverbridge is on a mission: make it easy to maximize customer lifetime value.

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Sell in 180 Markets

Be a local merchant, offer localized payments and digital experiences without hassle.

1.2m transactions

Every month we help our clients process 1.2 million transactions of which 77% are subscriptions.

Founded in 2005

Enabling digital sales since 2005, driving well over $10b of client revenue and growing YoY.

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How we helped Parallels increase CLV by 11% within a year and continued growth YoY.

With the support of Cleverbridge, Parallels was able to achieve a shift from a perpetual- to a subscription-model. The collaborative approach enabled increasing revenue predictability, customer engagement, retention rates, and generate a whopping 11% increase of customer lifetime value in the first year while delivering a better experience for customers.

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Capabilities enabling customer success.

Global Payments

With nearly two decades of payments experience and excellent fraud detection as well as charge-back prevention algorithms we have earned one of the highest trust scores in the industry with payment processors. This makes any payment—regardless of size, industry or geography—seamless.
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Retention Marketing

In addition to renewal automation, our team helps you set up automated customer email cadences to engage your customers at the optimal times to improve retention and up- or cross-sells. These campaigns are informed by AI and machine learning which allows your campaigns and processes to continuously improve.
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Subscription Management

All you need for your subscription management; a sophisticated product catalogue, bundled subscriptions and full end-to-end automation. Coupled to our robust payments solution and automated administrative workflows we enable any B2B or B2C company to automate low-complexity renewals, complete transactions, and keep all systems of record up to date.  
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Back-office & Finance Automation

Financial administration, updating systems of record, global regulations related to taxation, data privacy and security get more complicated as you expand internationally. Additionally, fines for noncompliance can hit your business where it hurts.​ With dedicated systems and resources coupled to decades of experience in mitigating risks and maintaining global compliance, we manage it all so you don’t have to.
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Data Platform

The Cleverbridge customer success platform helps eCommerce and SaaS platforms orchestrate and automate payments and subscriptions to maximize customer lifetime value. 
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Our solutions make growth easier.

Cleverbridge CLV Engine

Our solution enables your sales team to focus on higher margin efforts by providing insight into your customer health score and probability of churn. By automating your low-complexity revenue opportunities we help minimizing time and effort required from your team to reach growth goals.

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eCommerce for B2B

Gain a competitive advantage with carefully crafted, customer-centric B2B eCommerce solutions. Serving global B2B customers can be challenging.  We provide the tools and the know-how to boost revenue across the board and deliver a great B2B customer experience that caters to the business-specific needs of your customers.

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eCommerce for B2C

You want to acquire new B2C customers globally and retain and grow your subscriptions. - B2C eCommerce growth is all about providing superb buying experiences.​  Our B2C eCommerce solution supports a wide range of pricing models, billing scenarios and B2C-specific payment methods in the subscription economy so you provide every customer with a convenient, customized and seamless experience. 

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Global Tax & Compliance

We know how complicated eCommerce compliance can be when it comes to regulations around taxation, data privacy and security - as well as how fines for non-compliance can really affect your bottom line.  From tracking global tax regulations to provide tax-compliant invoices for your customers, Cleverbridge will help you stay compliant and expand your business into 180 markets.

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Renewal Automation

Renewal automation is baked into our subscription engine. This helps ensure your customers renew on time, helps you grow revenue, and maximizes your customer lifetime value, while driving cost-efficiency. Our team sees average increases of +10% when implementing our renewal automation cadences with several B2B & B2C clients.

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Customer Lifetime Value

In today’s ultra-competitive SaaS environment, there’s a constant focus on growing recurring revenue to generate a sustainable growth plan. One of the keys is maximizing your customer lifetime value (CLV). When you increase your CLV, you generate a greater ROI on your cost of acquisition and help build a more profitable business.

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Digital Buying Experience

We empower our partners to transform their processes to provide the rich, tailored digital experience B2B buyers expect without costly and time-consuming changes. We help you effectively gather data customer data and use machine learning to inform the customer journey to provide better experiences at the right time, with the right message, to the right person—ultimately reducing customer churn and maximizing customer lifetime value with no additional headcount.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

We analyze your customer journey to identify opportunities to: increase conversion rates, reduce churn, and optimize average order value. 

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Digitally Enhanced Selling

Sales success requires providing the marketing and sales team with the right tools for pipeline management, automating sales processes, and managing the digital buying experience from start to finish.

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Our Toolbox

We provide all of the tools needed to support your operations, marketing and controlling.  In addition, we enable your customers for self-service, providing the ability to manage their subscriptions, preferences and personal data all day, every day.  Get a complete view of all KPIs and steer your eCommerce business end-to-end in one place with Cleverbridge's Toolbox.

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Enabling growth without adding headcount.

Your success is our success, this way of working is baked into our collaboration and as a result, you can count on us to always have your best interests at heart.

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Since migrating its renewal business to the Cleverbridge platform, SmartBear has grown its online sales by 4x and doubled its renewal sales via eCommerce. After seeing this significant success in a short period of time, SmartBear is continuing to drive more of its business – both new and renewal – through the Cleverbridge solution.



Software testing & monitoring

Their support in quickly adapting their tools and features to the specific integration with Avira led to improved customer experience and performance as well as increased conversion and retention rates. We appreciate all their work and dedication, which contributes to Avira’s achievements.

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With Cleverbridge as our partner, our team can spend less time on paperwork and more time building relationships. Thanks to the integration, our CRM system is always up to date, allowing for a better and more dynamic understanding of our business.



IT Asset Management

Customer success tools that give you the freedom to grow without adding headcount.

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