Customer Service

However more importantly, these solutions also provide a wide variety of business opportunities. From expanding your market base to automating your renewal processes or actively marketing to reduce churn; all-in-one.



How do I start selling online around the world?

Potential customers are already looking at your website. All you need to do to convert these virtual window shoppers to paying customers is to add the option to buy online.

Transform your website into an online store in a couple of easy steps.

How do I ensure a local shopping experience in my global go-to-market?

Overcome the overwhelming complexity of navigating international markets by integrating an all-in-one e-commerce solution that speaks your potential client’s language, currency, payment methods and also complies with all local regulations.​

Accelerate your go-to-market by shrinking the learning curve needed to sell your products and services globally.​

Capture new clients and retain them at a lower cost. The right eCommerce solution helps you achieve this effortlessly by virtually expanding your commercial footprint around the world. 

How can I increase sales efficiency?​

Empower your sales reps and satisfy customers with ready-to-use eCommerce solutions that work with your existing processes and applications.

Our bolt-on subscription billing, commerce and payments platform lets you automate long-tail orders, reduce churn, and get paid faster.

How do I amplify my affiliate marketing?

Every new order counts. By using a self-service platform for affiliates, partners and resellers you will be able to automate your commissions and effortlessly amplify your global reach.

200,000-strong global partner network
Benefit from in-depth tracking for your performance marketing campaigns and granular reporting and forecasting to identify the most profitable publishers.

Easily attract new customers by increasing your presence in new media channels where potential customers are looking for content.

How do I optimize my channel-driven renewals?

Provide your long-tail customers with the experience they are looking for by introducing a self-service eCommerce option that keeps your channel partners' in the picture. 

Maximize automation
Don´t let low-value orders slip out of your hands due to a lack of focus and alignment with your channel partners. With the right solution, you can automate the renewal of all the low-value orders and never miss a dollar of the revenue that you worked so hard to earn.

Liberate your channel partners from the hassle of chasing the long-tail renewals by setting them on autopilot.

How do I automate my long-tail renewals?

Manual processes are more prone to errors, automation helps you to avoid losing revenue caused by churn.

How do I optimize my eCommerce TCO?

Launching and maintaining global online sales channels entails considerable costs that skyrocket your total cost of ownership. Instead of spending resources on developing an in-house eCommerce solution, partner with us.

  • Development staff: $70k - $150k p.a.
  • Integration expertise for consolidating customer data

  • Accountants and payment processing experts: $65k p.a.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics engine
  • Compliance experts: $100k - $120k p.a.
  • Agent trainings
  • PCI DSS compliance cost:
    • $200k for assessing,
    • $600k - $1.1mio to meet requirements
    • $225k annual audit cost
  • Tax-experts: $80k p.a.
  • Graphic/web designer: $60k p.a.​
  • Front-end developer: $80k p.a.​
  • Software​
  • Technology for implementing and testing changes​
  • GeoIP technology
  • IT personnel: $80k p.a.
  • C-level salary: $220k p.a.
  • Necessary hardware
  • Data center spaces 
  • Robust safeguards
  • Fraud analysts: $45k p.a.
  • Technology to identify and adapt to fraud patterns
  • Ongoing training and education for personnel
  • Product managers: $90k p.a.
  • Data analysis tools
  • Price lists for local markets and different currencies
  • Resources for centralizing customer data
  • Customer support
  • Reps and trainers: $35k - 50k p.a.
  • Training resources
  • Ticketing and phone systems for customer contact center

Depending on factors such as company size, AOV, geographic distribution, number of transactions, etc., approximate costs for eCommerce vendors range between $ 0.7 and $ 2.1 million.That is, if we're not counting the one-time compliance cost of $ 0.8 to $ 1.7 million and ramp-up cost to get the team hired and operational.​ Partnering with cleverbridge gives you the opportunity to keep that money in your pocket and accelerate your time to market.

How do we partner up?

Currently, we work with our clients in three different ways.

Merchant of Record
With cleverbridge Merchant of Record, we sell your digital goods under your brand as a reseller in 180+ countries. All you need to do is tell us what to sell.

Managed Service Provider
With cleverbridge Service Provider, you are the Merchant of Record owning all customer contracts including payment details. You will have the same platform, just the legals are different.

Hybrid Play
For some of our clients, we run a hybrid set-up. This means that we looked at their expansion strategy and made a cost/benefit analysis to ensure maximum impact and sustainable market scaling, all the while contributing to bottom-line growth.