Customer Service

We gave B2B a makeover.

Serving global B2B customers can be challenging. Additionally, maintaining complex product structures with lots of variants, segment-specific pricing, discount schemes and ensuring compliance with tax regulation can be far more difficult than in B2C.

We provide the tools and the know-how to boost revenue across the board and deliver a great B2B buying experience that caters to the business-specific needs of your customers.


Great B2B experiences strengthen business results.


Self-service options: your customers can independently adjust product specifics, e.g. add or reduce additional licenses, without a sales rep. They can view contact and payment data via an account portal and adjust them by themselves.

Global expansion

Up- and cross-selling: Opportunities that recommend specific products with individual discounts to B2B customers.

Customer support

Customer support: In case of any order-related questions your customers have the option to call customer service to clarify any questions with our support team.

Automate your sales processes. Say hello to Quote-to-Cart.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks. Integrated with a host of CRM systems, cleverbridge Q2C enables convenient self-service for customers, while reducing administrative effort for sales teams – allowing you to focus on bigger tickets. It links to your existing CPQ systems.

A revenue-boosting subscription engine.

Flexible and flawlessly integrated.
We help you acquire new subscribers by supporting various sign-up scenarios: trials, discounts for designated periods and direct payments (bypassing a trial). Alternatively, you can integrate your existing sign-up process with our subscription platform for use with free trials.

Improve renewal success rate. Boost recurring revenue.

Staying in touch until a manual renewal event takes place is mission critical. 

Our Growth Services help you to connect closely with your customers, engage them, decrease churn and increase customer lifetime value, especially of the longtail.

Our communication cadences consider sector specifics, geography or even dynamic factors like experience with the customer, which can change over time.

Compliant around the world. From day one.

Let us deal with the thousands of rules, regulations, and complicated updates that global tax management entails. Because tax is complex and changes often, we make sure you benefit from a seamless and fully compliant international selling experience.

A B2C experience for B2B customers worldwide.

User interfaces that apply local preferences 
When customers see the language, currency and payment methods they expect, they’re more likely to subscribe and buy – which increases your revenue. 

Payment methods that supports local payment culture
Our cleverbridge Commerce Platform enables you to define market-specific pricing and provides your customers with a highly localized buying experience through automated currency and payment method selection.

Dedicated and specialized payment retention tools.

Let your customers configure their own price quotes or complete transactions – with or without sales assistance.

Enable your customers to purchase new orders, make changes to running subscriptions and renew online at their convenience. Your buyers get the products they want, and your team conquers churn and eliminates tedious data entry.

Channel integration: Win-win-win.

Leverage untapped potential by integrating the cleverbridge automation solution and let the channel participate. We enable you and your channels to define an order value threshold from which the renewal opportunity should be automated. This is particularly important for long tail deals, where the value of the order is so low that the effort required to renew the contract manually is not profitable​thus an automation solution for this long tail helps you optimize resources and reduce churn. 

We take care of long tail customers and pay a commission to the channel if a contract was successfully renewed.

Everything you need to know in a single view.

eCommerce is a complex labyrinth with many detours and dead-end streets. We’re there to navigate you to success: Precise, efficient, and safe.

Have the big picture
Get actionable insights based on data from every domain you have installed. Be it payments, trial conversion, marketing campaigns, product usage, churn, and others. Enable your business users with all the insights at hand in an end-to-end perspective.

Drive by data
Back up your product development with meaningful data derived from our insights platform. Monitoring trends at one glance or deep-dive into detailed reports. Learn about your customers’ behavior, measure the performance of your products and campaigns, and reveal untapped potential to increase your CLTV.

We help over 300 companies sell their products and services worldwide. We do so as partners, not vendors - we take joint responsibility and work as an extension of your team.

How do we partner up?

Currently, we are working into three different types of partnerships with our clients.

Merchant of Record
With cleverbridge Merchant of Record, we sell your digital goods under your brand as a reseller in 180+ countries. All you need to do is tell us what to sell.

Managed Service Provider
With cleverbridge Service Provider, you are the Merchant of Record owning all customer's payment contracts. You will have the same platform, just the legals are different.

Hybrid Play
For some of our clients we run a hybrid set-up. This means that we looked at their expansion strategy and made a cost/benefit analysis to ensure maximum impact and sustainable market scaling, all the while contributing to bottom-line growth.